Member Financial Assistance

At One Medical, it’s our mission to make quality care accessible to everyone. We believe financial hardships shouldn’t prevent members from receiving the medical care they need. While we accept most major insurance plans, we know that some members may not have access to medical insurance or other resources to pay for necessary primary care. Our member financial assistance guidelines are here to help those who are unable to pay for their care at One Medical.

You may be eligible for financial assistance on medical care and/or the annual membership fee if:

  • You complete the financial assistance application and supply necessary documentation within the allotted time frame, and
  • You meet the financial criteria

And one or more of the following apply to your financial and healthcare status:

  • You don’t have health insurance, or
  • Your health insurance policy doesn’t cover all necessary medical care, or
  • Your health insurance policy imposes substantial patient responsibility* for medical care (may include deductible and/or coinsurance based on specific plan benefits)


Financial Criteria

We provide assistance to eligible patients who don’t have insurance and other payment resources available to them. Eligibility will be determined using your most recent tax return. You have the option of uploading additional documentation including all your current year’s W2, 1099 earnings statements, or 6 months of current pay stubs. If you’d like to apply for financial assistance, you’ll need to fill out a member financial assistance application, request a paper form by emailing us at, or call your local One Medical office.

If you meet the criteria, you’ll receive financial assistance and a discount will be applied to your annual membership fee as well as any out-of-pocket costs** for one year. If you don’t meet the requirements but feel you still need assistance, please reach out to a member of our team to discuss options. There are other One Medical financial programs, including no-interest payment plans, which we may recommend depending on the specific situation. Please reach out to us at

You’ll need to reapply for financial assistance every 12 months after initial eligibility determination.

* Copayments are exempt from this policy due to contractual obligations and must be collected at the time of service.

** Financial assistance discounts are not applicable towards services rendered by outside facilities, e.g. labs, specialist facilities, imaging facilities, etc.


Request Limited Access to One Medical

You may access medical services from One Medical providers without the benefits of the 1Life enhanced digital tools and value-added member services. This access does not include use of the 1Life Healthcare proprietary technology platform, including online and mobile appointment booking, on demand video visit technology and conveniences of the Mobile App. You would need to call to schedule appointments.

To receive all the benefits of One Medical membership, including online and mobile appointment booking, online and mobile prescription renewal requests, on-demand video visit technology, and digital access to virtual medical services through the One Medical Mobile App, continue with registration as a One Medical member.

To request or learn more about Limited Access, email

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